How much does a school year cost at Mosa Ballet School?

Dance education

For Belgians and European Union nationals, the fee is EUR 8,500 per school year.

For the years 2022-2023, 2023-2024 and 2024-2025, this rate is reduced to EUR 6,375.

For students outside the European Union, this fee amounts to EUR 17,000, reduced to EUR 12,750 for the years 2022-2023, 2023-2024 and 2024-2025.



General education

In Belgium, compulsory education is free of charge.

School costs are limited to purchasing the necessary equipment and a symbolic contribution to the institution’s costs, which is communicated at the beginning of the school year.




The boarding school

Accommodation and full board, 5 days a week from Monday morning to Friday afternoon, are offered at a single rate of EUR 5,150 per school year*. 

Accommodation and full board, 5 days a week from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon, are offered at a single rate of EUR 6,100 per school year*. 

* These rates are valid for the school year 2023/2024 and are subject to change in the future. 

The expenses of host families

For those students who cannot go home at the weekend but prefer to stay with a host family, a contribution towards living expenses is required (EUR 15 per night).

Looking for a host family

Non-residential half-board

This is mandatory for students who are not accommodated at the boarding school.

Lunchtime meals are taken at school to ensure a balanced diet for all students. This package is offered at a rate of EUR 1,200 per school year.

Payment methods

Dance education fees
A deposit of 20% of the tuition fee will be requested upon submission of the application form. An additional 40% of the tuition fee must be paid by September 1. The remaining 40% must be paid in full by December 1. 

Accommodation and full board
Accommodation, like  full- or half-boarding fees or host family fees, must be paid monthly in advance by the 1st of each month starting in September. 

Other fees
Other expenses, if any, will be charged at the time of consumption. 

Are scholarships awarded?

At the Mosa Ballet School, excellence means equality of opportunity. The school welcomes its students in the diversity of their journey.

Regardless of the student candidates’ geographic, cultural or socio-economic origins, equal eligibility to the auditions will be based solely on talent, merit and potential.

By paying particular attention to diversity and inclusion, the Mosa Ballet School commits itself to never refuse a talented dancer due to lack of financial means and guarantee the same opportunities by granting scholarships (full or partial) depending on the real situation of the families.

Whatever their financial situation, the Mosa Ballet School invites any talented, motivated, and rigorous young dancer to come to the audition.

If you have a question about scholarships, you can contact us by email at