“I wanted a school that integrates rather than divides. A school that anchors the students while giving wings to their talent. A school that innovates and constantly challenges itself through contact with other disciplines and artists from other horizons to prepare young dancers for a multiplicity of possibilities. An open school, a springboard to the world, which allows its learners to benefit from a tight network of partnerships with the best training centres and international stages. A school that also trains conscious and supportive citizens. A school that teaches young dancers to share and transmit their art and passion.

Benjamine De Cloedt, Founder & President of Mosa Ballet School


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The Mosa Ballet School aims to develop a new approach in the world of high level dance training; an approach that reconciles the demand for excellence, humanity and impact, a human, innovative and responsible path. These values are in line with the spirit of Conscious competition, i.e. the act of striving for excellence, while remaining consciously human.

Because we are convinced that this exceptional mission of global ambition can only be accomplished if we have the right people to support us on our way to success, we are looking for employees with a little extra soul, a willingness to actively participate in the success of a major project and to live our philosophy on a daily basis.


You have a strong resume, skills and experience that you are proud of, and a reputation for action and results. You have authenticity, integrity, respect for others and are an obvious team player. You are creative, open-minded and have the drive to seize new opportunities and meet the evolving needs of a growing organisation. You have a strong interest in the cultural – and dance environment in particular -, both educational and social. The great career opportunities start here.

You and Us

At Mosa Ballet School, your work will have an important impact on a national and international level. You will have the feeling that you can be yourself and that you can develop yourself at work.  Friendliness, professionalism, human qualities of the management team, passionate teams, taking responsibility, sharing skills, a dynamic culture of inclusion, a multicultural environment,…you will find all this at Mosa Ballet School. You will also have the chance to work in an exceptional setting, in a completely transformed, bright, historic building located in the heart of the city.


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