Your contribution makes the difference

If you believe that culture, artistic expression, and education at the highest level deserve an essential place in society;

If, like us, you believe that young talented dancers, wherever they come from, deserve a helping hand to realise their full potential;

You can help us to uphold this new path towards excellence, as a more human, more collaborative path.

Join the circle of Founding Friends

Thanks to the Founding Friends of Mosa Ballet School, the school can take its first steps comfortably and with confidence, knowing its continued existence is guaranteed during the first few years of activity.

We offer the rare opportunity to contribute to the birth of an international institution and the creation of a legacy for posterity.

You can join this primary support circle up until the school opens.

For information, please contact

Become a benefactor or sponsor a project at the school that you care about

You may also choose to focus your support on something important to you, on particular programmes or specific school activities.

We are looking for committed partners, who are willing to support, e.g.:

  • study grants for underprivileged students
  • state-of-the-art musical and sports equipment
  • ‘green’ and sustainable equipment
  • dance costumes
  • the ‘self-care’ programme provided to pupils
  • the organisation of selection auditions and intensive internships
  • the creation of adapted and inclusive dance workshops for a fragile audience

We invite you to discuss how we can shape your ideal approach, and work together to establish a tailored partnership.

For any questions or input relating to different opportunities, please contact

Make a simple donation

If you would like to make a donation to Mosa Ballet School, remember that these are tax deductible, as from 40 euros.

To be specific, this means you will receive a tax document, which will be sent in the course of the subsequent year. Therefore, you will be able to recover 45% of the sum transferred. This means a contribution of €50 will actually only cost you €27.50.

How does it work?

The ‘Friends of Mosa Ballet School Fund’ is managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.
In order to qualify for a tax reduction (whether you are acting as a natural or legal person), donations must be transferred to
the Post Office account IBAN BE10 0000 0000 0404 of the King Baudouin Foundation with the following structured message: 020/1890/00020.
This means that your donation will be automatically assigned to ‘Friends of Mosa Ballet School’.

Making a donation

Dancer © Olympe Tits

Our partners

Founding Friends

Mosa Ballet School would not have been possible without the essential contribution from its Founding Friends.

We offer our heartfelt thanks for their support, even before the school opened, allowing us to shape our vision of excellence, humanity and collaboration

With the valuable support of:

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Logo Burco

Logo Etilux

Jean-Jacques and Eliane De Cloedt,
Jean De Cloedt,
Stephan Uhoda

The Rayonnement Wallonie grant

The international opening of the Mosa Ballet School also receives financial support from the Rayonnement Wallonie grant, an initiative of the Walloon Government, operated by St’art sa.

Mosa Ballet School offers its heartfelt thanks for the enthusiasm and generosity provided by not only those in the world of dance, but also individuals in the public, economic, social and cultural sectors. And particularly:


The teams at Noshaq for their guidance and numerous support activities

Wbe Logo Horizontal

Julien Nicaise,
General Administrator of the Wallonie-Bruxelles Enseignement

Charles Rogister

Jocelyne Engleberg,
Director at Liège 1

Mosa Ballet School would also like to thank all beneficiaries who have offered their support and enthusiasm to date
dA Architectes (architects’ studio) – Servais Engineering Architectural – Ecorce (consultants) – La société LIXON S.A (entrepreneur) – Air (agency) – Globule bleu (agency) – Scalp (agency)