Pre-selection of candidates for the August Summer Intensive

To guarantee a high level Intensive, this course is only for candidates that passed the audition.

Application process

Please note that all participants must be aged 12–29 years.

Application period: 02.01.2022 – 15.6.2023

Applicants attending a professional education program (e.g., students of a National or a Royal Ballet School), can enrol by filling out the application form.

Applicants who are a member of a Company or Youth Company, can enrol by filling out the application form and include their CV.

Applicants of private ballet schools need to fill out the application form and include a video link

Video requirements

A video with no introduction or fancy editing, consisting of the following performed in leotard and tights for women and tight-fitting dance attire for men:

3–5 minutes of barre work, incorporating both sides, danced in soft shoes.
3–5 minutes of center work that includes adagio, pirouettes, petit and grand allegro. Some pointe work for female applicants.
Optional: a classical variation drawn from the standard repertoire, danced in pointe shoes by female applicants (this can also be from a performance).