Rules of procedure

The Course is open to student dancers aged 11 to 20.
The classes are divided into 2 levels: Elementary/Intermediate and Medium/Advanced. Trainees will be able to register for classes of varying levels.
Each class/session lasts 90 minutes.
The Mosa Ballet School reserves the right to make changes to the programme and the running of the course.
In the event of too large a level deviation observed by the teacher, the team reserves the right to modify the trainee’s assigned group.
A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the course.
During the course, trainees will be eligible to audition for the Mosa Ballet School for the school year 2022/2023. They have to indicate this at the time of registration.


Registrations are taken into account in the order of their receipt.
The entire amount of the course and the registration fee must have been paid to validate the registration of a trainee.

Cancellation or early departure during the Course.

No refunds will be given without a valid reason.
In the event of an injury or illness and upon presentation of a medical certificate, the sum paid will be refunded in the form of a credit for a future Course. In the event of cancellation of the course by the Mosa Ballet School, the costs are fully refunded.


The parents or legal guardians commit to take out the necessary insurance (accident, illness, repatriation and civil liability insurance) and communicate a certificate of insurance covering their child in the event of accident or damage caused throughout their stay.


Trainees who wish to can have lunch at the theatre. Meals provided by a caterer will have a unit value of 15€.

Rules during the Course

The trainee commits to being aware of and respecting the general safety instructions specific to the venue, the Royal Opera of Wallonia-Liège, and using only the spaces authorised by the Course.
They must have the Course card, which they will receive on the first day, with them at all times. They must present it to the organisation at the entrance to the theatre and at the entrance to the room for each class.
The organisers reserve the right to immediately exclude any trainee who does not comply with the rules of procedure and the safety instructions of the venue or whose behaviour could affect the smooth running and the safety of the Course.

Assignment of image rights

By participating in the Winter Course, the trainee (or their legal guardian) grants the Mosa Ballet School the right to capture and use their image for the project’s production and dissemination (photo and video reporting).