Because we are deeply convinced that the health, well-being and balance of our students are essential conditions for the revelation of their full potential, we have developed, thanks to the SiiN Institute  – Scientific Institute for Intelligent Nutrition-, an approach focused on prevention, learning self-awareness and well-being.

With internationally recognised expertise in Intelligent-Nutrition® and Neuro-Nutrition®, Dr Geneviève Moreau, Dr Olivier Coudron and their team have graciously committed themselves to supporting the creation of our educational project of excellence.

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“Nutrition plays a major role in the well-being, performance, health, fatigue and injury prevention of young dancers. We felt it was important and innovative to offer a specific healthy and sustainable diet programme adapted to dancers, as well as a specific development, well-being and performance programme.”

Dr Olivier Coudron & Dr Geneviève Moreau

Olivier Coudron Et Genevieve Moreau

Want to go further?

Do you need an individual and personalised consultation with a health or care professional trained by SiiN in prevention and health capital? A teleconsultation platform allows you to make an appointment with a health capital advisor and to benefit from personalised advice for your child enrolled at the Mosa Ballet School. This approach is part of a preventive approach and better management of his or her health and well-being. It does not replace a medical consultation.

These individual and personalised meetings remain the responsibility of the families.

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