To benefit those around us, thanks to Dance

Dancing is good for you: muscle tone, suppleness, balance and endurance are among the physical benefits of regular practice. However, dancing is more than that. By connecting with your body, you can develop self-awareness and boost self-esteem. Dancing is a way to express your emotions, create a bond with others and even (re)discover happiness.

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We want to invite the world to dance

Mosa Ballet School has an open, supportive and responsible vision in its DNA.
Convinced that dance can become a source of well-being and emancipation, especially for people traditionally far from artistic practice, the school initiates, facilitates and highlights inclusive and adapted dance actions, in collaboration with scientific and field experts.

To achieve this mission and multiply the positive impacts of Dance, Mosa Ballet School is developing a collaborative, action-based program:

  • Organization of trainings for the friendly supervision of people with special needs in dance activities
  • Hosting of adapted workshops in our studios
  • Facilitation of dance activities in host settings or residence
  • Spreading good practices
  • Organization of festive events to raise awareness among the general public

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A collaborative approach with expert partners

Mosa Ballet School is proud to be associated with leading scientific and academic players, as well as with players in the field and associations, in order to develop an innovative and truly promising program.

In its position as facilitator and promoter, Mosa builds collaborations and partnerships with:

  • Associative and players in the field
  • Health institutions and professionals
  • Dancers practicing inclusive or adapted dance
  • Health or caring and education professionals

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Quand on Danse comes from the very heart of the school’s vision

The solidarity objective of Quand on Danse reflects the open spirit and humanity at the heart of the general pedagogic project at Mosa Ballet School

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