Corneliu Ganea

Corneliu Ganea is an awarded Romanian choregrapher based in Amsterdam. 

Over the past 20 years Corneliu has created works for De Stile Breda, NND/Galilidance, Dansgroep Amsterdam, Szeged Ballet Hungary, Internationaaldans Theater, Amsterdam and many more. As for academies, he regularly creates works and teaches at ArtEZ Arnhem, AHK Amsterdam, Fontys Tilburg, HF Buhnentanz Zürich, Codarts Rotterdam. His works have been performed and awarded in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Korea, Romania and Hungary.

Corneliu's main driving force to create dance is to liberate the minds and bodies of the dancers and implicitly of the audience. By creating unique and defined worlds on stage, the audience is encouraged to journey along the performers and discover unfamiliar and challenging experiences. Ultimately art's purpose is to take the human consciousness and move it further. Corneliu's strong physical background as a dancer is reflected in his highly energetic, meditative and visual performances. During the creation process Corneliu collaborates strongly with the dancers and works very intuitively, allowing space for spontaneous ideas to translate into the performance, as well as encouraging the dancers to discover honesty in their physical and mental approach of the performance.

When working with dance academies Corneliu likes to engage the students at first, by crating a playful environment to unlock the dancer's creativity, courage and their mental and physical capabilities. By working with improvisational themes as well specific exercises, Corneliu guides the dancers to strengthen their technique and performance skills. A highly confident and performative student, is the main goal of Corneliu process..

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