Sleeping and eating at Mosa

 This solution is only offered to Mosa students during the year or during the summer courses to people up to the age of 18. Girls and boys are separated.

The Mosa "tiny houses"

Each guest staying at the Mosa enjoys exclusive wooden furniture specially designed for the Mosa.

A bed with a hotel-quality mattress sits atop a personal desk and wardrobe.

Mattress protectors (compulsory), pillows, duvets and sheets or a sleeping bag are to be provided by the trainee. These products can be bought online in "La Procure".

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One-person Rooms

Enjoy a personal space with your own desk and basin, in a room of about 8m2 with a large window.

Two-person rooms

In a 2-person room, each person has her/his own basin and desk, in a room of about 10m2 with at least one large window.

3 to 4-person rooms

In a 3 to 4-person room, each person has her/his own desk,  in a room of about 15m2 with 2 large windows. There are 2 basins to share.

6-person room

There is only one 6-person room in the building. It is about 25m2 and contains 2 basins to share. Each person has her/his own desk below her/his bed.

Eating and self-care at Mosa

During the academic year and when there are classes at the secondary school, the restaurant is open on weekdays only. However, it is open on all training days throughout the year.

All meals can be taken here, from breakfast to dinner.

Because we are deeply convinced that the health, well-being and balance of our students are essential conditions to achieve their full potential, we have developed, thanks to the SiiN Institute – Scientific Institute for Intelligent Nutrition-, an approach focused on prevention, learning self-awareness and well-being.

Learn more about self-care at Mosa