Host Families

Hosting a young dancer?
Try this unique experience!

The Mosa Ballet School trains talented dancers from all backgrounds within a warm and mindful environment, both on weekends and during school holidays, to boost their well-being and self-fulfilment.

Sharing time with young talents from all four corners of the world is not only emotionally rewarding but also a unique multicultural and fruitful experience.

During their stay, the young dancer becomes a family member, participating in your usual family life and is neither a guest or an au pair.

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In practical terms

You can welcome the young dancer on weekends and school holidays.

The Mosa Ballet School is in charge of pairing together the right dancers with the right host families based on the expectations or requests of both parties.

For the host families, there are no requirements in terms of age, profession, or individual situation (household composition).

Mosa pays the host family the sum of 18 EUR per night.
The student pays Mosa 21 EUR per night spent with the host family.

Invoices are issued monthly.

How to become a host family?

It’s very simple! You just need to fill out a short form.

We’ll promptly contact you and organise a home visit.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to write us an email at

In the name of all these young dancers who oftentimes come from very far away to make their dreams come true, the Mosa Ballet School wants to heartily thank you for your hospitality.

Become a host family

How is the matching between the student and his/her future host family organised?

Each child and each family is unique! Personalized support is the key to a successful experience.

We analyse each application received carefully and organise a home visit for an in-depth interview with each host family. We check that all the requirements are met, and that the family provides an environment that is in keeping with the caring and collaborative spirit of the school.

Our team then assesses the possible matches and assigns the child to a family, taking into account as much information as possible.
The meeting of the host family with the student and his/her parents takes place at the latest at the beginning of the school year.

The Mosa team remains particularly alert to any problems that may arise between the student and the host family.
Dialogue between the host family, the child, his/her parents and Mosa is always encouraged.

Become a host family


    Obtain a certificate of good conduct
    Have family insurance
    Not have any conditions regarding the origin, religion, or other discriminating factors regarding the young dancer.
    Have a bedroom for one person or a room to share with a child in the family.
    Have a suitable area where the dancer can quietly work.
    Preferably be a non-smoking household.

During the dancer’s stay, they become a family member and are neither a guest nor an au pair.

By becoming a host family, you agree to:

mindfully welcome and help this young person in their objective. Interpersonal communication is key. Families must be attentive to the young person’s needs (for example, avoid organising too many activities during the weekend as their weeks are already very gruelling!)

ensure any medical issues are either followed-up or treated

guarantee they sleep enough and eat healthy meals

have good Internet connection for both schoolwork and to communicate with their family abroad

wash their dance wear: leotards, tights, etc. each weekend

be actively involved in both the Mosa and Athénée Charles Rogier schoolwork all throughout the year. We offer homework assistance should the student so request

contact the school whenever they feel it relevant or necessary.

The host family offers home and board and also organises the commute for the student to the school if possible.

The student pays for any public transport fees, doctor fees, Internet/telephone expenses and possible excursions and entertainment (cinema, extracurricular activities, outings with friends, etc).

The host family does not receive any remuneration as such. However, a revenue of 18 EUR per night is foreseen.

The host family is not the legal guardian of the student.
Furthermore, the Athénée Charles Rogier and the Mosa Ballet School are always available for any advice or practical help if needed.

If, at the time of registration, you have made a request for a host family for your child (either for the duration of the August intensive French course or for the whole school year), you will be contacted by the Mosa Ballet School team.

The proposal of a family for your child will be made once all the applications and requests have been collected and analysed. If you have any questions about your application, you can contact us at