The School

A school that gives every student the best chance

Mosa Ballet School trains talented young dancers who are preparing for a professional career. At the end of the training course spread over 6 years, the students are ready to join the world’s largest companies.

The school is open to young adolescents from the age of 9 to 20.

At Mosa Ballet School, excellence goes hand in hand with equal opportunities. We welcome all students, with their diverse backgrounds, and are committed to forging ahead with them. However, since life does not always turn out as we expect, we also offer them a firm foundation, thanks to a successful secondary school education.

Our partnership with the Athénée Charles Rogier, a renowned establishment, is based on common values and ongoing dialogue between the teams. Special attention is paid to each student, with an integrated and all-round approach.

Why choose Mosa Ballet School?

and high-performance programs

An internationally-renowned team of instructors

Multidisciplinary teaching

3 main Dance Education Programs

Guest instructors run apprenticeships in the form of regular workshops

Regular feedback and always willing to listen

Multiple opportunities to go on stage

Numerous international partnerships

Quite simply
the best
possible infrastructure

A ‘playground’ of 12,000 m²!

10 ultra-equipped dance studios

4 classrooms

An auditorium for conferences

A library dedicated to study and tutoring

Boarding for 100 students

Rooms to accommodate residential artists

A bright and functional restaurant with an outdoor garden courtyard

A fitness room

A permanent focus on individual

A “self-care” programme for the global management of students and to help them to grow in harmony (optional private consultations on request with experts like osteopaths, chiropodists, nutritionists, physical and mental coaches)

A warm and welcoming location for student boarders

A collective ‘lounge’ area with leisure facilities

A ‘buddy’ system for new students by students from the previous cycle

Education for life


A charter focused on soft skills, respect and humanity, adopted by students and the pedagogic team

An involvement scheme for daily tasks at school

The involvement of students in the When we dance programme as an education in citizenship.

A project that reconciles the values of performance and humanity

A supportive network driven by teaching excellence

The desire to make a tangible social impact

A quality of life and work which encourages you to do better each day

By radically transforming this bank headquarters into a ‘sustainable’ school of arts, we have put our hearts and minds into each chosen detail, in order to provide an environment that allows students to remain fully focussed on their objectives, while maintaining a balanced life.

High-performance professional equipment

A bright and homely environment

Brand-new and functional rooms

A school founded
on a greater ambition

  •  Making dance accessible to as many people as possible;
  • Promoting the benefits and virtues of dance;
  • Fostering well-being, improved health, self-esteem, inclusion, and community living;
  • Generating a social, positive, and concrete impact.

Discover our Societal impact Program Quand on Danse