A new path towards excellence

Liège, Belgium

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For a different competitive spirit.

That invisible force that drives us to achieve a goal, beyond our limits…
To surpass oneself, to aim higher, not to fear failure in order to start again and succeed at last: that is the spirit of competition.

Listening to yourself, whatever the outcome. Respecting yourself, always. And striving to connect with others.
Fighting not only to be the best, but above all to become better: this is a different competitive spirit.

Aiming for excellence together, but with a human touch. Consciously.



Teaching excellence, centred on the student


10,000m2 of brand-new infrastructure


An innovative ‘self-care’ programme

Creating positive impact in the community

Through its inclusive programme, which is part of its DNA and open to the world, the Mosa Ballet School also extends an invitation to all of us.

Because every child, every elderly, sick or simply weakened person can access the superpowers of dance.

When we dance

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