Because we are deeply convinced that the health, well-being and balance of our students are essential conditions for the revelation of their full potential, we have developed, thanks to the SiiN InstituteScientific Institute for Intelligent Nutrition-, an approach focused on prevention, learning self-awareness and well-being.
With internationally recognised expertise in Intelligent-Nutrition® and Neuro-Nutrition®, Dr Geneviève Moreau, Dr Olivier Coudron and their team have graciously committed themselves to supporting the creation of our educational project of excellence.


Nutrition plays a major role in the well-being, performance, health, fatigue and injury prevention of young dancers. We felt it was important and innovative to offer a specific healthy and sustainable diet programme adapted to dancers, as well as a specific development, well-being and performance programme.

Dr Olivier Coudron & Dr Geneviève Moreau 

Intelligent-Nutrition®, an essential approach for our dancers

Intelligent-Nutrition® by SiiN is a food approach that respects health and the environment. Adopting the “Intelligent-Nutrition® Attitude” at the Mosa Ballet School means offering quality food to the students, but also encouraging education in healthy and sustainable eating for the students of the Mosa Ballet School.

In line with the Intelligent-Nutrition® approach, we favour food from organic, local and seasonal sources, authentic and natural products, as well as menus that correspond to the needs of the dancers. The students of the Mosa Ballet School are also accompanied in an educational process to learn to make the right choices and to adopt a responsible attitude that respects their health, well-being and performance, but also the environment. The SiiN Institute accompanies us throughout the year through educational tools, conferences, information sessions, thematic weeks and courses taught in e-learning.

Neuro-Nutrition®, optimal brain nutrition

Performance, excellence and well-being are all dependent on a well-nourished brain and a positive state of mind. Neuro-Nutrition® is a modern discipline developed by the SiiN Institute, at the crossroads of nutrition and neuropsychology. It offers young dancers not only a perfectly balanced diet that meets the needs of dancers, but also a set of advice and exercises for managing stress, sleep and psychological and relational well-being.

For the Mosa Ballet School, benevolence also means the transmission that must surround the approach: Neuro-Nutrition® advice is implemented daily within the teaching teams in order to guide the students in positive health practices that will make them more aware and more efficient; practices that will help them prevent injuries, listen to their body and its signals and respect their limits (breathing pause, mindfulness, positive energy…).

Want to go further?

Do you need an individual and personalised consultation with a health or care professional trained by SiiN in prevention and health capital? A teleconsultation platform allows you to make an appointment with a health capital advisor and to benefit from personalised advice for your child enrolled at the Mosa Ballet School. This approach is part of a preventive approach and better management of his or her health and well-being. It does not replace a medical consultation.

These individual and personalised meetings remain the responsibility of the families.

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