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You have various options to audition:

  • Auditions-workshops are organised in Belgium and abroad. The next opportunities are listed on this page (Rome & Zurich).
  • Another possibility: by participating in one of our Intensive Courses, you can audition without paying additional registration fees. A fantastic opportunity to simultaneously work on your personal development, experience the Mosa pedagogic method and receive an assessment, with the aim of entering a school. The next session will be in Liège this 26 and 30 December 2021.

More information regarding Intensive Courses

  • If you are unable to be present for any of the auditions, the Mosa Ballet School allows you to apply remotely, by sending us a video.

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Upcoming Auditions/Workshops

Auditions Italie Modified


19 & 20 March 2022

Information & Registration

Auditions Zurich Modified


26 & 27 March 2022

Please find the terms and conditions below.

What to expect at the Zurich auditions?

The audition/workshop is organised at the Tanzhaus in Zürich.

Wasserwerkstrasse 127a
8037 Zürich

This audition is intended for children and teenagers who are between 11 and 18. The participants are divided into two groups, according to their age:

  • Group I – 11 to 14
  • Group II – over 15

The workshop will be over two mornings or two afternoons, depending on the reference group.

Auditions Zurich



Following the second half-day of the workshop, all participants chosen, and their parents, will be invited for an exchange (around fifteen minutes) with Pedro Carneiro (on Sunday 27 March at 2pm for Group I and Sunday 27 March for Group II).

Registration fees for the Zurich audition/workshop are 180 CHF. We request this sum be paid after having completed the registration form. This must all be done before 20 March 2022.




Group Discipline Teachers / Pianist
10:00-11:30 I Classical Carneiro/to be confirmed
11:45-12:30 I Pointes and male technique Carneiro/to be confirmed
12:45-1:45 I Contemporary Martins/to be confirmed
2:45-4:15 II Classical Carneiro/Dabižljević
4:30-5:15 II Pointes and male technique Carneiro/Dabižljević
5:30-6:30 II Contemporary Martins/Dabižljević


Your Teachers

Pedro Carneiro Portrait

Pedro Carneiro

Graduate of the John Cranko School, Stuttgart, Pedro Carneiro has danced at the Stadttheater Hagen, Oper Bonn and the National […]

Salomé Martins

Salomé Martins

Salomé Martins was born in Portugal and trained at the Contemporary Dance Academy in Setúbal. She danced professionally at the Contemporary […]

How do I audition by video?

For video auditions, candidates must do the following before 31 March 2022 :

Prepare (additional instructions below):

  • a cover letter
  • the following photos:
    • a portrait photo
    • a full-length photo
    • a profile photo in 1st arabesque (flat foot)
    • a photo of a plié in 1st position (front-facing)
    • a photo of development to the side, with arms in second (front-facing)
    • for girls : a relevé on pointes in 1st position (front-facing)
  • a link to the candidate’s video download. To generate this link, we ask you to use the WeTransfer.com platform. The technical procedure to follow is detailed below.

Fill out the online registration form and include the documents mentioned above

Pay the registration fee of € 50

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Photoshoot Dara (sept 2021) © Lorraine Wauters 13 © Lorraine Wauters

How do I shoot the video?

The room must be well lit and provide sufficient contrast between the dancer and the background.

The image must be steady, and the student’s body must be visible in its entirety.

We recommend that you film:

  • exercises at the bar diagonally (from an angle)
  • exercises in the centre facing forward

Duration and content of the video

The video, which lasts 12 – 15 minutes, must include the following:

  • Exercises at the bar, approx. 5 min.:
    • pliés
    • battement tendu
    • battement fondu
    • adagio
    • grand battement

Each exercise must be performed from one side only but alternating between left and right (these exercises are to be carried out by girls too with demi-pointes).

  • Exercises in the centre, between 7 and 10 min:
    • adage
    • pirouettes
    • 3 jump exercises including a big jump combination (for girls too with demi-pointes)
    • 3 exercises on pointes for girls
    • 1 exercise with big jumps and «  tour en l’air » for boys
  • A variation from the classical dance repertoire
  • A variation or sequence from contemporary dance (no pointes for girls), approx. 2 min.

Outfits for video and photos

  • Girls: sleeveless leotard without a skirt, pink tights, demi-pointes or pointes, hair styled in a bun.
  • Boys: tight-fitting t-shirt, black tights, demi-pointes


How to send your video to us ?

  1. Go to the WeTransfer site https://wetransfer.com
  2. Caution! Do not choose the email transfer option. Select the option to “get” a transfer link.
  3. Click “Upload your files” and select your video. Be aware that if it is too large (>2 GB), you will need to use compression software before you can upload your video (for example, https://www.youcompress.com/fr/videos/).
  4. In the “Title” field, please enter your first and last name. There is no need to fill in the “Message” field.
  5. Click “Get a transfer link” and wait until your video is fully uploaded (transferred).
  6. Click “Copy link” and paste it into the field provided on the online registration form.


Are you ready?

You have all the required documents? You have clicked on the download link? It will now only take you a few minutes to fill in the registration form and pay your registration fees.


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The Mosa Ballet School’s teaching is aimed at adolescents of age to follow secondary school in parallel, between approximately 12 and 18 years old.

Depending on their birth date, some children start their education at the age of 11 and a half years old and some teenagers complete it a little later.

We are opening up access to the 6-year course from September 2022.  

The auditions are therefore open to children and teenagers between 11 and 17 years old. The youngest candidates should be able to enter secondary 1 in September 2022. 

To attend the audition, you had to fill out a registration form. If you successfully pass the audition, we will personally contact you to confirm your registration at the Mosa Ballet School and guide you in the administrative process to be carried out according to your situation.