Mosa rewards two promising participants at the Hivernales de la Danse

The Mosa Ballet School has awarded two prestigious prizes to two particularly deserving young dancers at the international Hivernales de la danse competition, which brought together dozens of hopefuls.

The two participants selected by Mosa’s artistic direction, Lili-Anne GUT and Justin MOUSSET, have been invited to take part in a week of intensive courses this summer at the Mosa Ballet School, located Place Saint-Paul in Liège, Belgium.

The Mosa Ballet School is a classical and contemporary ballet training institution, which welcomes dozens of young international dancers. Throughout the year Mosa students are provided high-level,pre-professional education. Additionally, during school holidays our intensive courses give the opportunity to immertse in all the disciplines that underpin the repertoire of the most acclaimed companies.


Christmas Presentation on 21 December