Integrated, adapted and inclusive dance training from 17 to 21 November

Florent Devlesaver is a contemporary chair dancer. Fuelled by a desire to learn, he began his training by taking part in classical and contemporary dance classes from 2011.

In 2018, he took part in several professional training courses before joining a professional company. Having travelled abroad, he realised that there was little integrated, inclusive and adapted dance on offer in Belgium. 

In fact, there are very few dance schools offering courses or training for people who, in his words, are "off the beaten track". However, some dance teachers are keen to see this type of initiative, and that is precisely the purpose of this training course, inspired by the Laban method, which aims to give teachers the keys to setting up a relevant teaching approach. 

The different themes of integrated, adapted and inclusive dance and their theoretical characteristics will be addressed during the first three days of the course.

By way of introduction, Florent will explore the issue of disability and participants' perceptions of it, and as part of a participatory approach, participants will be put in real-life situations and given the opportunity to prepare specific exercises during the first few days.
Finally, practical workshops will be held over the last two days of the course, summarising the theoretical foundations learnt previously.

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