LabCap48: we need your help!

 LabCap48: what is it? 

The Quand on Danse programme has been selected as part of LabCap48's fundraising campaign. The fund-raising began on 11 September and will run until 22 October.

RTBF's Cap48 association funds projects for people with disabilities in French- and German-speaking Belgium. 

Our inclusive dance projects: promoting and developing l'Autre Danse! 

In practical terms, what will your donations be used for? 

- Develop our adapted and inclusive dance activities to enable all dancers to take part in monthly workshops that take account of their needs and abilities, under the guidance of trained teachers who are sensitive to people's needs.

- Enable dance professionals to train. Teachers trained in adapted and inclusive dance will be able to pass on their skills and enable a wider audience to dance. Sharing is caring! 

- Enabling people with autism spectrum disorders to dance during workshops designed specifically for them. 

Like many scientists, we are convinced that dance can considerably improve the well-being and independence of people with disabilities. 

Indirectly, the benefits of these activities will also be felt by their families, as well as the support and care staff. 

How can you help us? 

Make a donation! Any donation, however small, will contribute to the success of this initiative (any payment of at least 40 euros by a Belgian resident is tax deductible).

Support Us 

Spread the word! Inclusion starts with information! Disability concerns everyone, and dance can make a real difference to people's lives. 

Sharing our publications on the networks will contribute to the success of this campaign. The more visible we are, the more potential donors we will reach!

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Thank you for your generosity, we're counting on you! 

We are recruiting dance teachers!