What exactly is "Quand on danse"?

A first year rich in projects

Driven by a philosophy of openness and commitment to society from the outset, the Quand on Danse programme has carried out a number of concrete, ground-breaking projects in its first year of existence. 

In just ten months, Quand on Danse has organised no fewer than 3 discovery workshops, around ten dance workshops in nursing homes and 5 professional training workshops. These activities have given participants the opportunity to discover dance and have enabled professionals to learn about and train in adapted dance practices. 

In the interests of openness, the Mosa Ballet School and our programme have opened their doors to festive and inclusive events (such as the Bal Folk or the Thé Dansant), which have been a great success. Students from the Mosa Ballet School have played an essential role in setting up these projects, particularly during public performances or in nursing homes.  In all, more than 2,000 people took part in our activities, not counting the indirect beneficiaries (family members, carers, educators, etc.).  

 The international "Dance with the Elderly" conference on 22 September will mark the culmination of this first year, focusing on the theme of the elderly.  

In its second year of existence, Quand on danse will continue to raise the profile of (adapted) dance, enabling the general public and professionals alike to discover even more about the facets and benefits of this rich and meaningful discipline.  

The other major project for Quand on Danse is the development and implementation of the services platform, which will be available in 2024.


Camp Tournesol x Quand on danse