Our School Team

Joey Doucette

Today we introduce Joey Doucette who will be teaching Jazz Dance during the August Intensive Course.  

With over 20 years of experience in most areas of the show business industry, Joey Doucette can offer today a widely ranged artistic and professional  experience, including but not limited to dance teaching, choreography for stage and television, direction and show production. 

Currently based in Las Vegas, NV. Joey Doucette wrote and created a variety of production shows throughout United States, Latin America and Europe.  

He employed his versatile knowledge of different styles of dance while teaching across North and South America as well as many European countries.  

His knowledge and creativity was well appreciated by many production companies around the world, that not only used his talent in its raw form as a choreographer/director, but also bought his business proposals and his complete entertainment/production packages built to serve buyers necessities and current market needs.  

Joey Doucette is working now to broaden his palette of artistic influence throughout the European and Asian entertainment community.  

He has just finished working at the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris and his next project will be taking him to Korea, where he will be choreographing and directing the new production at the Lotte Hotel.