Our School Team

Siner Gönenç

Today we introduce Siner Gönenç Boquin who will be teaching Classic Ballet and Repertoire during the August Intensive Course.  
Siner, graduated from State Conservatoire and joined the State Opera and Ballet of Izmir, Turkey in 1988. Besides her dancing career, she worked there  
as a ballet mistress, company manager and associate director.  

Since 2005, she has been collaborating with Yannick Boquin as his assistant, and focusing on his method and style of teaching. In March 2016 she retired  
from Izmir State Ballet.  

Today, she is an International guest teacher, founder and artistic director of Classical Ballet Camp in Turkey, currently residing in France.  

Siner currently works as a guest teacher for some of the following companies and academies: Béjart Ballet Lausanne, The Houston Ballet Company,
Semperoper Dresden, Birmingham Royal Ballet, National Ballet of Mexico, National Ballet of Portugal, Estonian National Ballet, National Ballet of Croatia,
Gauthier Dance Stuttgart, Dortmund Ballet, Junior Ballet Antwerp, Compagnie Choreographique François Mauduit, Junior Ballet Arles, Houston Ballet
Academy, Royal Ballet School of Antwerp, Royal Conservatory Den Hague, Escuela Superior de Musica y Danza de Monterrey, ESDC Rosella Hightower (Ecole
Supérieure de Danse de Cannes), Royal Swedish Ballet School, Annarella Sanchez Ballet School, Jean W.Wong Ballet School in Hong Kong, Casa de Ballet