Our partnership with the SiiN Institute.

The Mosa Ballet School has chosen an ideal partner for recommendations regarding sustainable, healthy diets and well-being for dancers on a daily basis.

The SiiN Institute, Scientific Institute for Intelligent Nutrition is a scientific organisation recognized as the training leader in Nutrition, Sustainable Health Foods, Micronutrition and Neuro-Nutrition®. It’s distinguished in Europe and Switzerland for its independence and rigorous teaching excellence, adopting cutting edge scientific expertise.

The SiiN Institute works hand in hand with the Mosa Ballet School to promote both Intelligent-Nutrition® and Neuro-Nutrition®. These approaches are respectful of both our health and environment, working to improve our vigour, well-being and performance based on present nutritional recommendations and knowledge to guarantee all key needs are met. Our food choices effect our health conditions, our body growth as teenagers, but also our physical, mental, emotional well-being and achievements.

The Mosa Ballet School proposes a healthy diet, respectful of the health of our young dancers but also respectful of the environment, favouring local, seasonal, organic or sustainable products and minimally processed as well as menus and recipes elaborated under the supervision of the SiiN Institute.

The Mosa Ballet School is also implementing a Neuro-Nutrition® program which focuses specifically on the self-fulfilment, welfare and accomplishment of our dancers.

Throughout the year there will be frequent informative exchanges, special classes, practical tools, breathing exercises, workshops for stress/emotion management, lifestyle tips, etc, all expressly designed for the personal development of our dancers.

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